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Innovative company, the main activity is the extraction of precious metals and stones, the production of jewelry.

A solid team

Experienced team of traders, analysts, economists, risk managers and programmers

The first of its kind!

We already have established business processes.

The capacity of the mines exceeds 2500 kg of gold!

mines in Transbaikalia and Amur region

We strive to become a leading company


Become part of a successful team

And win with us!


About company

Our company ZORG is engaged in mining precious metals and stones, as well as the production of jewelry and has achieved excellent results in their business.

We are a unique investment platform that already has an active business founded by a team of professionals who know their business.

Currently, our organization has its own deposits and mines, but we do not intend to stop at the achieved indicators.

The company is increasing its capacity, expanding its sphere of activity and is ready to offer mutually beneficial cooperation. Every investor has an opportunity to successfully invest his money.

Many investors don't use big ideas because of the lack of time to analyze the flow of information and choose the right strategy for managing their personal investments.

Our experience allows investors to earn additional income by investing their savings in our business.

It's time to invest for one purpose: to grow your business and go global!


Our benefits

Operating mines in Transbaikalia and Amur Region
A close-knit team
Official company
Maximum level of protection
Investment opportunities for all

Investment Proposals

Deposits 3 days

the deposit is returned at the end of the tariff

Deposits 5 days

the deposit is returned at the end of the tariff

Calculation of profits

Select an amount:
1%- от 25 до 500 USDDeposit period: 3 daysthe deposit is returned at the end
On the day
Payback period
For the entire period

Road Map

Affiliate Program


We offer you to earn extra income without an active deposit. Invite your friends and acquaintances and earn on a three-level affiliate program.


Project statistics

Recent contributions

  • Gagarin300.000000 USDT
  • hyz102125.00 USD
  • Knjaz100.000000 USDT
  • psv1964390.000000 TRX
  • Gamorra500.000000 USDT
  • aleks741000.000000 TRX
  • coca443.000000 TRX
  • Gambit1000.000000 TRX

Recent payments

  • Antip122.500000 USDT
  • Araya103.000000 USDT
  • vadimgen25.750000 USDT
  • HyipRoom10.000000 USDT
  • InstantMonitorCom12.987013 TRX
  • IQmonitor31.038961 TRX
  • anevskiy103.000000 USDT
  • psv1964401.558442 TRX